Friday, July 30, 2010

Congress intimidated by Foxxil Fuel News

...Almost no one noticed last week when the Senate pulled the plug on the comprehensive energy/climate bill. (Overshadowed, perhaps, by the Lindsay Lohan thing.) Congress is so afraid of clamping down on climate-changing pollution and so fearful of cleaner alternatives that killing the bill wasn't quite enough; now some members are trying to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its limited administrative powers to cut carbon emissions on its own.
The only conclusion to draw is that we're in love with our addiction to fossil fuels. We cherish our roles as stooges for the coal barons, the oil tycoons and the mullahs. We're happy to send kids to fight and die in faraway wars to protect our right to drive to the mall anytime we want for a reasonable price. And we don't mind pushing the consequences of our addiction to future generations.... Minnesota Post

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