Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Congressional oil-trolls plan attack on public transit

A New Political Reality Settling in for National Transportation Financing « The Transport Politic: "Tanya Snyder of Streetsblog Capitol Hill broke the news last Friday that House Republicans are planning to push to “stabilize” the Highway Trust Fund by cutting back expenditures to meet revenues without raising any taxes in the process. The result would be a large decrease in overall federal transportation funding — a potential reduction in spending by $7 to 8 billion a year from around $50 billion today. According to Snyder’s sources, transit financing would be hit especially hard, seeing its annual appropriation cut from $8 billion to $5 billion."

Of course, banksters will still get their quantitative-easing and bailouts, and energy wars will get a blank check. And they will put the highway money back at the last minute by "popular" demand. There will be calls for more toll roads. The auto-system is just not working and the public purse is empty. The best thing to do would be to put more money into transit which would make the energy wars unnecessary and reduce pollution, medical costs, congestion, parking problems, drainage problems, etc, etc.

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