Friday, July 30, 2010

Congress intimidated by Foxxil Fuel News

...Almost no one noticed last week when the Senate pulled the plug on the comprehensive energy/climate bill. (Overshadowed, perhaps, by the Lindsay Lohan thing.) Congress is so afraid of clamping down on climate-changing pollution and so fearful of cleaner alternatives that killing the bill wasn't quite enough; now some members are trying to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its limited administrative powers to cut carbon emissions on its own.
The only conclusion to draw is that we're in love with our addiction to fossil fuels. We cherish our roles as stooges for the coal barons, the oil tycoons and the mullahs. We're happy to send kids to fight and die in faraway wars to protect our right to drive to the mall anytime we want for a reasonable price. And we don't mind pushing the consequences of our addiction to future generations.... Minnesota Post

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The hotter it gets, the faster it gets hot

Dropping the ball on global warming - Global warming - "But there's no doubt that high temperatures translate immediately into increased burning of fossil fuels -- and, inevitably, increased concentrations of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. This year is on track to be one of the hottest years in the historical record. If fossil fuel consumption is contributing to a warmer world, then our efforts to cool ourselves are only going to make matters worse."

Heartland Community College OKs free bus plan

HCC OKs free bus plan: "NORMAL -- A plan to allow Heartland Community College students and employees to ride city buses for free was approved by the college's board of trustees Tuesday night,"

Monday, July 12, 2010

The commuting paradox

I live in Chicago. At least 10 people have recommended I get a car and move out of the city. Why the hell would I do that? Besides the costs of having a car, it makes no sense to suffer the commute. I enjoy reading on the bus/train and people watching. Not to mention that public transportation is safer. Read more on Simoleon Sense

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Downtown Trolley Free for One Year | METRO Transit Providing Central Oklahoma Transportation & Bus Service Options

Downtown Trolley Free for One Year | METRO Transit Providing Central Oklahoma Transportation & Bus Service Options: "OKLAHOMA CITY – With an estimated 50,0001 people expected in downtown Oklahoma City this upcoming Fourth of July weekend, people in downtown can take advantage of free public transportation thanks to a new year-long sponsorship.

The Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority recently announced that beginning July 1, downtown Oklahoma City trolleys will be free to ride for one year thanks to a sponsorship by Platt College.

“With a higher than average number of people in downtown over the July fourth weekend, this was perfect timing to launch the free downtown trolley rides and a great time for people who have never ridden the trolley to try it at no cost,” said Rick Cain, administrator of COTPA and director of public transportation and parking for the City of Oklahoma City."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aviva employees to get free bus rides on DART | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs

Aviva employees to get free bus rides on DART | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs: "Aviva USA has enrolled in the Unlimited Access program of the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART), allowing Aviva’s employees to now ride DART free of charge any time the service is in operation – including after work hours and on weekends. Employees need only show their Aviva identification badge to a DART operator and they can board the bus at no cost.

“We’re very excited about offering our employees a free public transportation option,” said Chris Littlefield, president and CEO of Aviva USA. “Our employees save money, DART gains increased ridership and the community benefits from reduced traffic congestion and carbon emissions.� This is another example of Aviva’s strong commitment to our people, our community and the environment.”"