Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt: 30 years of brutality to insure cheap oil to be wasted in traffic jams

As many as 2,000 in Chicago protest for democracy in Egypt - Chicago Sun-Times
As many as 2,000 in Chicago protest for democracy in Egypt - Chicago Sun-Times: "They came from as far as Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin — as well as from all over the Chicago area — to call for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down after 30 years in power and to open his country to Democratic reforms including free elections and a new Constitution."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Politicians obey oil-industry gag order on #transit advocacy

As this article in the Tribune shows, since the hysterical political attack on Blagojevich by the oil and sprawl industry, and the advent of raging oil-tea-party loonies, a gag-order is in place against transit advocacy by high-profile personalities.

Transit is a sleeper issue in race for Chicago mayor - "The candidates in the Chicago mayoral race talk a lot about jobs, crime, education and city finances, sometimes doing so while shaking hands with potential voters at CTA rail stations.

Yet with the Feb. 22 election coming up, none of the candidates has had much to say about transportation,"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

RTA Spends $200,000 on Study to Find Out If Seniors Use Public Transit

Citizens Taking Action: "'Cost of Free Senior Fare' per the RTA
Remember, no new drivers or vehicles are added."
The RTA revealed on Monday, at a meeting of Citizens Taking Action, an organization comprised of transit dependent riders, that it had hired the University of Illinois to conduct a $200,000 study to learn if senior citizens use public transit. The results indicated that only about 5 out of every 100 riders is a senior, and that 75% of seniors use public transit during the off-peak or mid-day period of operations.
Charles Paidock, Secretary of the group, said that: “We had voiced concerns before with the RTA Chief regarding the seemingly countless number of studies, but this is by far the silliest. I said we need buses and trains, not more studies. Now we know that little old ladies go out on occasion to buy a quart of milk. We could have told them that for free. They’re just digging for reasons to eliminate the free senior fare provision, using money which would be better spent elsewhere.”