Monday, June 20, 2011

Floods threaten Nebraska nuclear plants - Washington Times

Floods threaten Nebraska nuclear plants - Washington Times: "Two nuclear-power plants in Nebraska remain threatened by Missouri River flooding, including one plant where a fire briefly shut down a cooling system for spent fuel rods earlier this month."

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  1. why do the American people sit passively by while the government fails to inform or protect the citizens. Others who are nuclear power advocates do the best job possible of slamming anyone against nuclear. What source of fuel can wipe out an entire group of people without their knowledge? What other element can destroy earth for untold numbers of years? What other element can make the livestock in Japan lie down in their pens and cry in pain due to the certain death they face?
    Why are Americans sitting passively by and doing nothing? Have we been so conditioned and inundated with words and chemicals that we are unable to respond?
    We have a right to know and the elected president does not have a right to keep the information from us. This is not an Arab country. Our parents who fought in the wars would not sit idly by and let this happen. What is wrong with the citizens of this country? No wonder there are so many millionaires who left America long ago and now live in safe environments where corporations do not rule the land. Pity those left behind. We will end up just like the cows in Japan - lying in pain, screaming in pain and waiting for death.