Sunday, December 14, 2014

Portage Indiana excited about new #publictransit investment

EDITORIAL: Public transportation is on a roll: ""Portage is very excited about this opportunity to enhance our community with easily available public transit," Snyder wrote to NIRPC in late November.

"For Portage and Hobart to consider public transportation is a great thing and could introduce a new era," NIRPC Deputy Director Steve Strains said.

Among the options are cooperating with existing transit agencies in the region.

In addition, a new "Triangle Service" is set to begin in mid-January, serving Michigan City, LaPorte and Purdue North Central. That bus service is a three-year experiment using mainly federal funds, although Michigan City, LaPorte and PNC are chipping in as well.

We hope the Hobart, Portage and LaPorte County services are successful."

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